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The book - a magic wand, which in an instant can take you to another world, in another era. Just as you wish, you can suddenly find themselves in an ancient castle and feel like a knight or princess. Books allow you to travel in time and space. How many years scientists are working on a time machine invention. How many movies filmed on this topic and write a book. But in fact, the time machine was invented a long time ago, in ancient Greece. And this, of course, a book. Leafing through the pages of a book, running his eyes over the black spot with certain symbols, your mind draws a colorful picture, presenting described. The body goes through the processes that occur are feeling like things happen to you in real life. Not for nothing they say that reading people live thousands of lives. In fact, the way it is. A person's life - it is emotion. When you experience strong emotions, you feel the taste of life. When you tighten the gray routine and the days begin to resemble one another, you do not notice how life goes. Books give us vital emotions. Books give us the paint, so that we can paint your life in bright colors.

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